Tuesday 14 May 2013

Tales of Parrot antics bringing cheer to those in need

I have a little Jenday Conure called Naboo, and very recently tales of his antics have been bringing cheer to members of a UK forum for carers, of which I am a member.

Naboo the Jenday Conure

Here's an example of a couple of the posts I made yesterday:

"If typing goes wrong, blame it on the parrot, he's walking over the keyboard at the momnthiusoiyuosdbjbf."

"May, just have sorted the relative problem, ahve to wait a coup[ple of days thopugh - Naboo! Get off the keyboard!"

"Problem with the parrot is, he wants to take the keys off the keyboard! He can undo keyrings, spring clips, screw clips, and has worked out that he can take the keys off the keyboard. He steals slices of lemon or lime from drinks, "shares" yoghurt and ice cream - sort of, and loves spaghetti. And, demands red grapes everyday. If you wear specs, he just takes them off, and throws them on to the floor, and tries to take my mobile phone out of my shirt pocket. Oh, and takes a shower with me - occasionally (him, not me, that is). But, he still loves his Daddy. Parrot kisses all round."

Little posts such as these, help some of the forum members who are going through very difficult times at the moment - here are just a few examples of their responses:

"Welcome Naboo"

"That parrot needs a few more typing lessons but not bad as a first go!"

"You'll have to get Naboo his own laptop - bet if he pecked at the keys long enough he'd end up writing a bestseller"

"I'd have trouble if I came to visit you - blind as a bat without my specs"

"Do you think Naboo could be persuaded to paint? This could be quite a good source of income. For a small(ish) fee, I could be his agent. Chimpanzees have made good money for their artwork so why not parrots?"

"Naboo's antics gave me a much needed chuckle. We should give him his own thread"

Now there's a thought - A day in the life of a parrot...

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